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Quiz Number: 2
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 2
Teacher:  Churchill 
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 Jane ... in the park when I met her
a) walk  
b) walking  
c) was walking  
d) will walk  
2 James is ... at tennis ... Richard is.
a) as good / as  
b) as well / as  
c) as better / than  
d) as best / of  
3 "Please, pay attention". He told me ... attention.
a) to pay  
b) pay  
c) that I pay  
d) that pay  
4 Susy enjoys ... in a school.
a) to work  
b) working  
c) to working  
d) when worked  
5 If I were you ...his offer
a) I accept  
b) I'll accept  
c) I'm accepting  
d) I'd accept  
6 Albert ________ the letter to his friend.
a) already sent  
b) has already sent  
c) send  
d) every  
e) already has sent  
7 Carol is an old friend of mine. I ____ her ____ we were at school.
a) 've known / since  
b) know / for c) 've known  
c) 've known / for  
d) know / since  
8 Peter and Tony ________ to the party on Saturday.
a) will come  
b) come  
c) are coming  
d) coming  
9 We'll be ready when you _______ here.
a) arrive  
b) are arriving  
c) will be arrive  
d) will arrive  
10 This job is not easy. It's _______ I expected.
a) harder than  
b) more hard than  
c) more harder than  
d) more hard that