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Quiz Number:  1
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 1
Teacher:  Churchill 
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 I'm Australian ... German?
a) they're  
b) are they  
c) are we  
d) I am  
2 When ... your homework?
a) do you  
b) you do  
c) do you do  
d) are you do  
3 Giorgio ... English very well.
a) don't speak  
b) speaks not  
c) don't speaks  
d) doesn't speak  
4 ... you like to see my new house?
a) do  
b) would  
c) could  
d) will  
5 His French is very good. He speaks French ... .
a) well  
b) good  
c) badly  
d) bad  
6 Please, could I have ... biscuits?
a) any  
b) some  
c) a  
d) every  
7 "Where ... your weekend?" "At the seaside".
a) did you spend  
b) did you spent  
c) spent you  
d) do you spent  
8 "Where ... last night?" "I was at Mark's".
a) was you  
b) you was  
c) were you  
d) you were  
9 My sister ... to Manchester but she visited London last summer.
a) has been never  
b) never was  
c) have never been  
d) has never been  
10 We are going to the cinema tonight. What ... to see?
a) are you going  
b) shall you  
c) is you going  
d) will you